<earshot> is released together with a browser construction kit, a platform for people to add to, experiment with and build their own software. We plan to hold workshops at Artec and other venues, alongside <earshot> events. Workshops will explore the technical aspects of the project, and in particular how and why <earshot> has made use of Quicktime. Below is an outline of proposed <earshot> workshops.
Introduction to Quicktime audio streaming.
Quicktime enables you to create high quality audio streams for the web. This workshop will show you how to make your own Quicktime audio streams, and embed them into a web page to build an online mixing environment.
Workshop includes handouts.
Basic experience of HTML is useful.
Advanced Quicktime techniques
More advanced techniques for building Quicktime content. These workshops focus on using text tracks within movies and working with HREF tracks, adding more complexity to your Quicktime audio streams.
Workshop includes handouts.
Experience with using Quicktime is essential.
Build your own software
Explore the <earshot> browser construction kit and experiment with creating your own software for the web. Everyone can be a software developer.
Workshop includes handouts.
This workshop can be varied according to participants' experience of Java programming.