<earshot> has been presented at a variety of events and festivals. Below is an archive of <earshot> performances.

<earshot> Launch Party, Backspace, September 1999
Archived stream of <earshot> mixes from the launch party at Backspace
listen to <earshot> launch party mixes (requires Real Player)

'RX' the Cube Cinema, Bristol, July 1999
<earshot> alpha version performance and presentation, including screen projections and slide show. 'RX' included live webcasts organised by irational.org
listen to <earshot> at 'RX' (requires Quicktime 4)

'<Soundoff>' Site Gallery, Sheffield, April 1999
Evening presentation of <earshot> work in progress and discussion about audio on the web. Followed by day-long Quicktime audio workshop
listen to <head> banger used at '<Soundoff>' (requires Quicktime 4)

'Expo Destructo' London, March 1999
Presentation of <earshot> project at the Post-Media Flea Market
listen to <earshot> interview at 'Expo Destructo' (requires Real Player)

'Amazing Daze' Leeds, November 1998
organised by Barriedale Opera House
Projections of web pages mashed up by <earshot> research and development software (<head>banger and Notscape) together with a mix of pre-recorded <earshot> research compositions, live streams and <head>banger breakbeats.
listen to <earshot> at 'Amazing Daze' (requires Quicktime 4)