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Sex in Space

by the XXX Prize Foundation

Of all the things people do, at home and in private, usually with close friends, sex alone is subject to extraordinary interference and control from outside forces. This is no accident - everybody is aware of its power. Even if only for a few moments, individuals can release a power and energy from within that renders any system of society, or regime, meaningless. It is a liberator. Even someone in solitary confinement can indulge in it and in their fantasies travel into any situation or possibility unfettered, and, at the moment of orgasm itself, to be both blissfully vulnerable and undeniably free, elsewhere, filled with energy.

The repression of sexual instincts functions to make people submissive and inclined to irrational behaviour and thus paralyses their potential for rebellion and leaving the planet.

Sexuality is as fundamental as it is universal. We have, therefore, found it rather sad that our researches into sex in space have so far turned up very little. NASA's poverty of thought is demonstrated yet again when they push sex right to the bottom of their agenda and even deny it. This is hardly surprising when we consider that the organisation is made up of engineers and quasi-soldiers. It is a patriarchy like all state-agencies. 90% of all NASA astronauts have been male, even though women make better ones (by and large they eat less, take up less room, need less oxygen, and in zero gravity the need for physical strength is minimal). The first female astronaut wasn't even consulted about her menstrual cycle by the boys in the backroom - they just packed 2 years' supply of tampons on board and scuttled off!

All of the literature we have seen on the subject repeats the dull phrases of efficiency and repression: "astronauts face a workload busy enough to ensure such matters are not a priority. However any future flight to Mars, for example, would take a very long time, and the physical and psychological well-being of the crew may drive this subject onto the agenda.", "in-flight intercourse would help relieve astronauts of the enormous amount of stress they undergo during missions." It is the language of dead, sexless lives, of work making Jack a dull boy.

We have been unable to come up with any references to masturbation in outer space and have therefore surmised that either:

  1. It has occurred but has been covered up.
  2. Only sexually repressed astronauts are selected.
  3. Some kind of military equivalent to bromide in tea is being utilised.

However sex is such a natural, vital part of life that it will emerge regardless.....

Whilst NASA will only state that the first married couple to go on a mission together were on the space shuttle Endeavour in September 1992, their counterparts in the former Soviet Union are not so bashful. We have discovered that Svetlana Savicka, a Russian cosmonaut, fucked freely in Jaljut 7 as far back as June 1982. Whilst we applaud this, we are saddened by her bosses' response which was just to initiate a plan to conceive the first child in outer space, as if sex was merely for procreation.

We have drawn attention to the drastic 'behindism' of NASA in sexual matters to demonstrate the necessity of destroying the state, corporate and military monopoly of space travel in order to ensure that exploration of sex in space can occur. NASA are unable to see beyond the limits of their own ideology, and, according to documents obtained by the AAA, can only imagine continuing 'normal marital relations' in outer space.

In contrast to the government space agencies, the AAA promotes a metasexual approach to zero gravity sex. The AAA is developing its hypothesis that sex in space will be even better than it is on planet earth (and we are already designing several experiments that we wish to conduct to test this supposition). The improved quality of sex in zero gravity is based on both the psycho-sociological and physiological changes that are expected when we begin to form autonomous communities in space. In zero gravity the possibilities will increase for sex as pure pleasure, sex as an expression of affection or as an exchange of energy, and sex as communication, exploration or meditation. We would label these possibilities as a 'play eroticum' - just try and imagine it! This play eroticum has little to do with which gender are fucking with which, but concentrates more on the ambience of the sexual acts.

Elaine Lerner, an American inventor, has already patented a harness to allow one partner to exercise control of the movements of the hips of the other partner during a zero-g fuck. And many bondage enthusiasts are already experimenting with gravity-defying pulleys and ropes to enhance their orgasms. We predict that a whole range of new sexual expression will begin when we form autonomous communities in outer space. Not just the new positions that zero gravity will allow, but whole new ways of relating to each other. Variable gravity will make extremes possible for S&M enthusiasts, and we expect a whole range of new fetishists and pervs to emerge, once free from the restrictions and guilt of planet earth. As we adapt to life without a planet, our bodies and organs may evolve into something else entirely, either through new forms of body modification, or just from living in new environments. The possibilities are limitless.

The AAA certainly do not wish to continue 'normal marital relations' in space. We want the new conditions of zero gravity sex and will leave the repressive sexual hang-ups of the scientists and astronauts of government space agencies behind. Why not join us as we fuck our way through the stars.


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