Where do you want to go today ? Do you care ? Does it matter ? In a morass of boring web sites designed mainly to shove ads down your throat, notScape:noWhere resists being told what to do and where to go. notScape:noWhere chooses its own path and how it renders pages, it shows you links which you can click on, but dont expect to to 'navigate'. It shows you text and pictures but they are washed of the orginal design values, sites are smoothed, pacified and discarded. notScape:noWhere turns the net into a gray world stripped of much of its original meaning, developing new meanings in its juxtoposition of elements and choosing it own aesthetic as it thrashes its way across the world wide web. Some HTML elements are shown as outlines, text is layed and accreted, JPG's are faded to gray, GIF's striped of their color, at any time the user can pause the display to view the image generated.

related links;

'funksolegrind' - crawler (Mac/Win nov98)

'<head>banger' - flooder/drum machine (Mac dec98)

Note: this program needs Macintosh OS 8.1 or better to run. Please mail me at the address above for the Windows version.
jan 1999, Andi Freeman