Creative Curating is a London based curatorial collective. It favours open and fresh approaches to contemporary art and aims to contribute to cultural exchange between the UK and other art centres via exhibitions, lectures, artist's talks and special events.Merging different cultures, disciplines and languages is our strategy towards the result that defies any rigid de-finition.

In a story by Czech writer Karel Capek, the dog and the cat are making a cake together. Each of them tend to put their favourite stuff in it and, naturally, the final product makes their guest sick. Working with material from different cultural contexts and environments does require a very critical approach and sensibility. Even now in so called "globalisation age" it might look as if there is no need for cultural exchange because the Internet would do all the work. But the truth is that even here various subcultures still create their own virtual barriers. We want to work towards overcoming them without losing the privilege of individual approaches.