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Escape From Dimensionality!

Meditations from Nomad Association of Autonomous Astronauts

In order for us to fully imagine the practicalities and possibilites of space exploration, the Nomad AAA believe that we must start from the premise that all current notions of dimensionality, all our known relations with time and space, should be rejected immediately.

Many 'eastern' philosophies have no room for Aristotelian logic, the right and the wrong, the up and the down. They have made a logical‚ spiritual progression from linear poles (the black vs. the white) towards a third path - a higher middle‚ ground.

Polarity (by its nature a human conceit) cannot exist in space - like the Grand Old Duke, in space we are neither Up nor Down. If we therefore discount such two-dimensional existence, it follows that a middle or third way cannot exist either, as it is defined by the very things it proports to transcend. It would seem that to exist in space, we must then reject not only the polar opposites and the third path but in fact all perceived forms of "earth-bound" dimensionality.

We cannot therefore have the fifth dimension of time if we have discounted all others. We only need to examine the common misaprehension that time is linear to see how shallow the concept really is. Spiritualists may argue that time flows in both directions, but they succeed only in grounding themselves in the belief that there are only two ways to travel. Earth-bound time, as a concept, must therefore also be discarded.

With all dimensions thus dissolved, we cannot therefore allow ourselves to be blinded by the fundamental ideology that we exist in any here or now. We are the only species on this planet that concerns itself so destructively with the concepts of age and location. In space one's place and date of birth will be deemed nonsensical.

Whilst acknowledging that the concept of the nomad is still dimensionally bound, the Nomad AAA has re-defined the notion of no fixed abode to include both space and time. If we are to be Nomadic travellers through space, we must start this process by relinquishing the harness of our address. We must open our minds to the concept of living everywhere and everywhen.

Just as the Nomad AAA has no affinity to an anchor of place through time, we also have no attachment to property. The notion that we can somehow 'own' material goods and property is a necessary myth in order to convince us to look down, to look away and to keep our heads ferociously buried in the sand. By focusing so much on the empire we build around us, consumerism forces us into a corner of our own construction - we become ensconced in camps, surrounded by high-wire perimeter fences, and as much as we convince ourselves that we are building a protective shell, we are actually building our own prison cell. Therefore, in order to effect such true nomadism, the Nomad AAA also seeks to relinquish as many physical and material ties as possible.

By thus relinquishing all frames of reference to the earthbound self, the Nomad AAA skip, hops and jumps onto an evolutionary crest that carries themselves, along with the flourishing AAA community world-wide, towards a future diametrically opposed to our current state of being. Such a vision naturally confuses and irritates the WoMan on the ground, and it is for that specific reason that the Nomad AAA undertakes to promote, cajole and vociferously challenge today's status quo.

The Nomad AAA believes that an escape from gravity will lead not only to an escape from dimensionality, but ultimately to an escape from what we notionally call Reality. Once we have touched the sky, our minds will be tuned into an existence of infinite possibilities.


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