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You Cannot Take Words Into Space

extracts from 'Ad Astra' newsletter published by Raido AAA

We are glad that both the establishment and the established opposition refuse to take the AAA seriously. It is part of our plan that our enemies fail to grasp the seriousness of our programme for community -based space travel until it is too late. We will leave the sneering lefties AND the sell-outs at NASA behind to smell our rocket fumes.

We have seen the dinosaurs of socialism start to prick up their ears at what they perceive as another opportunity to recruit more slaves into their vampiric parties-with-no-partying. Like many pioneers, we have met with derision and scorn from these self-styled "revolutionaries". We wouldn't have it any other way. Unlike many of our predecessors, the AAA will avoid being co-opted into another way of selling boring papers to students by simply NOT BEING HERE ANYMORE. Theorists can waffle on about praxis as much as they like, but the AAA is bored of the city and, realising that real life lies elsewhere, has set the controls for the heart of outer space.

Prisoners of the Earth - Come Out!

We think it is high time to put an end to the dead time that has dominated this century, and to finish the Christian era at a single stroke. Here as elsewhere, it's a matter of breaking the bounds of measurement. Ours is the best effort so far to get out of the twentieth century.

The staid state-sponsored space agencies seem to be running scared. Summer 1996 saw the launch of NASA's Mission H.O.M.E. project (Harvesting Opportunity for Mother Earth), "a multi-year drive to captivate and educate the public about the benefits and wonders of outer space.". Run by NASA, 2 other space agencies, and 16 corporations, this is clearly an attempt to co-opt the minds of planet earth into accepting the dominant paradigm and all the usual bullshit that goes along with it. NASA and its cronies want to take on the public, who are already captivated by space, and sap their energy into its own system.


Space travel has become fashionable again and we can see its representation spreading throughout the media. The best example of this is perhaps the film Independence Day which it was impossible to escape from during the summer of 1996.

Like all films about outer space, this offering from Hollywood merely reproduces the ideology of those that the AAA opposes. While we liked a lot of the special effects, the film itself offered us no glimpses of how we wish to lead our lives after leaving the planet.

All the aliens in the film do is work, or breed. All the humans in the film do is work, or raise families.

We do not take it as given that aliens (whether "good" or "bad") will automatically contact government agencies in the first instance. Indeed they may be waiting for humanity to evolve beyond having such oppressive apparatus before making themselves known anyway. Unlike the scriptwriters of this propaganda, we do not wish for independence from the rest of the universe. What we desire is independence from governments, gravity and gormless "feel-good" films like Independence Day. We are anticipating the day when us and our allies from other planets will be able to live together in autonomous communities dedicated to pleasure and exploration.

Talking about life on planet earth is like talking about rope in the house of a hanged man.

Government space agencies continue to show their corruption. The life on Mars spectacle is just another chapter in the history of jingoism, oppression, self aggrandisement and electioneering. Again we see the possibilities for space exploration used like counters in the game of global politics, just like those other counters: war, poverty, starvation and every conceivable form of torture.

The AAA has said time and time again that it is futile to expect any steps towards establishing communities in space from these agencies. They require a population imprisoned on this planet for their very existence.

The point is not whether life existed on Mars millions of years ago. The point is WHAT are NASA and their opposites in Russia and Europe going to USE that knowledge for. The point, as ever, is what kind of life is there for the rest of us while the hypocritical back-slapping in the White House and the top secret military installations continues?

The reason why the AAA is so successful is simple. What we offer is a chance to explore, to live. Not to escape, but to engage with life fully, away from all the gravity-bound distractions that infest planet earth. We don't put ourselves in the media because we think we have something that is the only way forward, or because our ideas are fabulously advanced. We do it because the time is right. Our ideas are already in everyone's heads.


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