troubleshooting <earshot> FAQ

I double click on the <earshot> installer and nothing happens?

The <earshot> installer requires a Java Runtime Environment to work. If nothing happens you need to ensure that you have installed a Java Runtime Environment. If you are a PC user and you haven't got JRE installed on your machine choose the <earshot> installer with the VM included option. Macintosh users can get Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ) from here.

I have successfully installed <earshot> but when I start it up why do I get a dialog box with a QuickTime installation problem alert?

Ensure that you have QuickTime installed with QuickTime for Java. Users who already have an older version of QuickTime should run their updaters and choose Quicktime for Java from the "custom" install option. If you do not have QuickTime you can get the Quicktime 4.1 installer for free from here.

If you continue to experience problems with running <earshot>