South London Association of Autonomous Astronauts proclaim the success of their DREAMTIME MISSION.

At 12 am today three Autonomous Astronauts from South London AAA returned from space. As part of the Dreamtime Mission we had been in space for a total of 66 hours. The following report attempts to indicate the form that our space travel has taken.

Space-age fictions have enabled us to enter the reality of a new concept of space. This concept formed the working parts for a new form of spacecraft (which we re-defined as our concept-craft) which we then constructed using the combined powers of our three minds. Once we had then located the particular orbit our concept-craft was taking around the earth, we simply climbed aboard. We could now move through a new space with the infinite speed of thought. Now we have returned with bloodshot eyes, like revellers after a night of excess, to report our experiences.

For the Dreamtime Mission we had constructed a concept-craft based on a new concept of space. Our new concept of space resists the opinions promoted by government space agencies such as NASA, who want the notion of a divide between inner and outer space. We now have the possibility of creating new concepts of space, concepts that each have their own autonomous existence and philosophical reality, but which still resonate with and connect to other possible concepts.

Like flashes of lightning, our space travel could be defined as a coming and going rather than a tedious advancing from point A to point B and so on. It was certainly more about losing our way than knowing where we were going. And like the lines of flight undertaken by objects floating in zero-gravity, the return of one movement of thought would relaunch another, ceaselessly weaving across and throughout this space that we could barely orientate ourselves in. We could see how in this space the most subjective thought is also the most objective.

We infered that the space we were travelling through was fractal. In addition to this each movement we made was like the throws of a dice. We were discovering how intuition is important for a space travel that moves by creating connections.

Every movement of thought that passed through the whole of this space did so by immediately turning back on and folding in on itself, like a liquid escaping from gravity. These movements could also fold other movements of thought or allow itself to be folded by them thereby giving rise to retroactions, connections and proliferations in what we were beginning to discern as an infinitely folded up infinity that is/was the variably curved space we were travelling in.

To travel through space by means of concepts, at an infinite speed of thought, it is vital to destroy the illusion of a universe that is ours to control. Instead we move towards the possibilities of connecting with others as we pass from one world to the next. South London AAA are inventors of new immanent modes of space travel and these experimentations of ours are philosophical. The reality of our space travel is not concerned with what we are now but with what we are becoming, which is always different to the present (a present which has already ceased to be).

We have reported our experiences to you and described as best we can something of the form that our space travel takes. More information regarding the specific movements and reactivations of the concept-craft we had constructed for this particular mission must be released at a later date, as we are still compiling the data on this. South London AAA proposes that we construct new concepts of space in order to create emancipatory forms of thinking. The days of this society are numbered.