The AAA promotes a metasexual approach to zero gravity sex. The AAA is developing its hypothesis that sex in space will be even better than it is on planet earth.

This opinion is based on both the psycho-sociological and physiological changes that are expected when we begin to form communities in space. In zero gravity the possibilities will increase for sex as pure pleasure, sex as an expression of affection or as an exchange of energy, and sex as communication, exploration or meditation.

We would label these possibilities as a 'play eroticum' just try and imagine it! This play eroticum has little to do with which gender are fucking with which, but concentrates more on the ambience of the sexual acts.

The AAA certainly do not wish to continue 'normal marital relations' in space. We want the new conditions of zero gravity sex so that Autonomous Astronauts can free themselves of the repressive sexual hang-ups and The AAA will be fucking their way through the stars.