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Press Release
Subject: Radio Free Earth
Date: 23/3/99

Aliens...lets face it they could be on their way right now.

With the recent discovery of extrasolar planets by the bucket load within a 100 light years of earth, interest in interstellar communications has jumped considerably. The SETI project, once a privately funded operation renting a few hours a week on the Aricebo telescope, frowned upon by the establishment, has now become a world-wide 24/7 surveillance operation with considerable US government funding.

This coincides with the arrival of early radio signals from this planet in the just the locations that these new planets are now being discovered.

The Drake equation has been radically altered and the probability of visitation is now higher than it has every been (and possibly than it will be again for some time). If interstellar travel is possible at all the window for a visit is very likely to be in the next 50-100 years.

Imagine for one moment that SETI has detected incoming signals, what is the next logical step ? Surely to attempt to communicate back, and this is where Radio Free Earth comes in. If someone is watching, if the US government are sending signals back then what kind of message is being conveyed about our planet ? A fair and balanced one including our failings as well as our successes ? Do you think your views will be expressed ?

Don’t wait to be told what is going on. Join us now in providing an alternative media service for alien nations. If they are coming lets make sure they get the whole story, let them see the rich diversity of human existence in all its messy glory. Then maybe they will come as friends rather than the as bug-eyed destroyers, with sympathy instead of disdain and they will not come all this way only to find lies and deceit.

RFE is now making regular open access transmissions to selected stars and their probable planets using a variety of radio frequency and experimental communications technology. Don't hesitate to send URL's of material you would like included in future broadcasts to the stars to

Let them know the truth...


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