Oceania Association of Autonomous Astronauts : OAAA

Press Release
Subject: 97/98 space programme
Date: 23/6/97


Oceania AAA today released there 97/98 programme consisting of a three phase exploration of new spaces.

Stage 1 : 23/6/97 : 'We're coming !'

To coincide with the first AAA convention in Vienna volunteer astronauts will launched at various stars, galaxies and systems. Each volunteer will be matched to a destination. From midnight all volunteers will be luanched in sequential order. Each astronaut will be accompanied by a 100 pixel square GIF file of their own construction (or image) and the message "WE'RE COMING". Their mission is to simply have a good time and report back (photo's would be nice). The launch will take place from a secret location in south london however astronauts need only supply their 100 pixel squares 'tiles' for them to take part in the exploration.

Stage 2 : 1/1/97 : 'We're all coming at the same time !'

Once all reports have been filed a list of the most suitable destinations will be drawn up. Each destination will explored simultanesously by the travellers. These destination will be programmed into a new device constructed by OAAA that can simultanasouley transport an unlimited number of people to a chosen destination. However each astronaut MUST be at a specified location at the appointed time or risk mising their flight. Suitable locations in cities around the world will be 'acquired' at the appointed moment for use as a space port ( a large monument or public space would be sutiable ). All space port locations and the names of their crews will entered into the launch engine. These will be mapped onto a web site so that the launch can be observed by interested parties. Their mission will to have a good time and hopefully meet some new species and invite them home...

Stage 3 : 'There coming !' : throughout 97

Once the database of new space and conciousness is completed,a exchange programme will commmence allowing AAA members to exchange with Aliens. Like a dating service OAAA will match individuals to their 'ideal' aliens. Information will be treated in the strictest confidence and what you do with the information provided is your own choice. AAA's will be able to return for further matchs with aliens and their spaces.


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