To celebrate the first AAA convention in Vienna during July, Oceania AAA will be staging its first deep space mission. On the 23rd June 1997 volunteer astronauts will launched from a secret location in South London at selected stars and galaxies.

Each astronaut will be accompanied by a 100 pixel square GIF file of their own construction (or image) and the message "WE'RE COMING". Their mission is to simply have a good time and report back (photo's would be nice).

From midnight on the 23rd a transmitter connected to Oceania Mission Control (OMC) will sequentially transmit each image at the selected star before moving onto the next star in the list. OAAA is still accepting images from volunteers, simply mail your 'tiles' to OAAA. before the 10th June to be included. All volunteers will be emailed a 'WE'RE COMING' mission patch.